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(20180417) The TUH EEG Corpus (v1.1.0) This is the official version of the TUH EEG Corpus. This release organizes each session by the montage definition it fits.

(20180416) The TUH EEG Seizure Corpus (v1.2.1) This release includes small annotation fixes and an addition to the _SEIZURES spreadsheet of calibration start and end times.

(20180416) The TUH EEG Epilepsy Corpus (v1.0.0) In this release duplicate files have been removed and patients have been mapped to TUH EEG v1.1.0.

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    The Neural Engineering
    Data Consortium

The Nerual Engineering Data Consortium (NEDC) generates and curates big data resources to support application of state of the art machine learning algorithms to bioengineering problems. We distribute a variety of resources including signal and image data, software to facilitate common evaluations and visualization tools. To learn more, contact us or visit our site.

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