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(20200527) The winners of the Neureka 2020 Epilepsy Challenge have just recently been announced here on their website. The competition used a robust version of our database (v1.5.0) to challenge participants.

(20200514) Congratulations to Tarek Elseify (web, deep learning) and Domenic Ochal, Vineetha Mathew, Tameem Ahsan and Rachel Seo (annotation) for their graduation as part of the class of 2020.

(20200513) Amrita Sahu (IEEE SPMB committee member, Temple alumnus) had her hyperspectral imaging work at Altria featured in Vision Systems Design magazine.

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    Education Partnership

Our new partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratories will allow the Information Institute to gain insight into AFRL's computational and technology systems while promoting educational experiences for future engineers and scientists. Some potential areas of collaborative research include deep learning models, intelligent information systems and statistical signal array processing.

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We are a community of stakeholders with a common interest in digital pathology. We seek innovations in the use of machine learning for analyzing pathology images. To learn more, visit our site. Click here to join our listserv to stay updated and get involved.

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