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(20170629) Today, the research team celebrated the departure of two significant graduates, Silvia Lopez and Aaron Gross, over lunch. Prior to lunch, Silvia gave an outstanding presentation on her thesis proposal, found here.

(20170621) The Research Team has submitted their paper in the NIPS2017 conference, titled "Deep Architectures for Automated Seizure Detection in Scalp EEGs."

(20170621) On behalf of a very hard-working group of undergraduates, we are pleased to announce the release of v1.0.4 of the TUH EEG Seizure Corpus.

(20170601) The 7th annual IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology Symposium (IEEE SPMB 2017) will be held on December 2, 2017 at Temple University in Philadelphia. Please refer to the conference website and the Call For Papers for more details.

(20170523) Congratulations to our newest 2017 Spring graduates, Elliott Krome and Aaron Gross, for their excellent achievements and progress made for the NEDC EEG Research group.

(20170428) Today, the research team presented the demo at Temple's Innovation Showcase! The presentation materials may be found here.

(20170427) Congratulations to Vinit Shah for passing his PhD Preliminary Exam! A video of his presentation and more information can be found here.

(20170426) The manually annotated TUH EEG Seizure Detection Corpus has finally been released! To learn more about this database or to download it, click here.

(20170407) Drs. Picone and Obeid will be publishing a book chapter titled "Machine Learning Approaches to Automatic Interpretation of EEGs" soon. This will appear as a chapter in the CRC Press book "Biomedical Signal Processing in Big Data" which is expected to be published in Fall 2017. A prerelease of the chapter is available here. This chapter presents a concise overview of the application of machine learning and big data to EEG interpretation.

(20170314) Seyedeh Saeedeh, Meysam Golmohammadi, and Dawer Jamshed have attended the annual Columbia Workshop to learn more about Brain Circuits, Memory, and Computation. Click here to learn more.

(20170209) Meysam Golmohammadi presented a poster on the TUH EEG Seizure Detection Corpus at the annual meeting of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society. His poster can be viewed here.

(20161221) The fall semester has come to an end and we have celebrated the holiday festivities with a Christmas party! The Photos of the party can be found here.

(20161214) Congratulations to Amir Harati, who has successfully presented a paper titled "A nonparametric Bayesian approach for automatic discovery of a lexicon and acoustic units" at IEEE Workshop SLT 2016. You can view his work here.

(20161204) Congratulations to our team for hosting IEEE SPMB 2016. We had over 70 attendees, 24 papers and 9 posters presented, and two excellent plenary talks. The technical program can be found here.

(20161130) We attended the NIH BD2K All Hands Meeting to present our latest work on cohort retrieval. Our presentations included a demo of AutoEEG with a new cohort retrieval feature.

(20160930) It is pizza time again in ISIP. This doesn't happen too often but is one of those can't miss events -- homemade pizza!

(20160916) Congratulations again to Amir Harati, who had his paper titled A Nonparametric Bayesian Approach for Automatic Discovery of a Lexicon and Acoustic Units accepted to the 2016 IEEE Workshop on Spoken Language Technology.

(20160912) Congratulations to Amir Harati, who has successfully presented a portion of his dissertation titled "A Nonparametric Bayesian Approach For Spoken Term Detection by Example Query" at INTERSPEECH 2016. You can view his work here.

(20160825) The Fall 2016 semester is about to start, so it is time for our beginning of semester lunch to welcome our new students. Two graduate students are joining our group, and we expect to add two undergraduates as well. Unfortunately, none of them could attend their welcoming party :( but that didn't stop us from enjoying a nice lunch.

(20160729) It is the end of the summer and it is time to say goodbye to our Brazilian exchange student, Matheus Guedes De Andrade. He had a very productive summer working on our seizure detection project. His poster presentation can be found here.

(20160715) Congratulations to our Summer Of Code undergraduates, who presented at this year's College of Engineering Research Day. You can view their posters here. Enjoy some pictures from the conference.

(20160506) Congratulations to our Spring 2016 graduates. Amir finally walked! We will miss Sammy and Devin. Enjoy some pictures from our graduation party.

(20160428) With much sadness we wish Sammy Deegan and Devin Trejo a fond farewell and send them off to exciting new engineering careers. Both are graduating this semester and will leave Temple University. They each made enormous contributions to our group and will be missed. Enjoy some pictures from their going-away party.

(20160324) Scott Yang joins our group as our first postdoc. Scott will lead our NIH-funded project titled "Automatic discovery and processing of EEG cohorts from clinical records". Go here to learn more about this project.

(20160225) Congratulations to Saeedeh Khoshgoftar for passing her PhD Preliminary Exam today. His paper and presentation are located here.

(20160223) Congratulations to Meysam Golmohammadi for passing his PhD Preliminary Exam today. His paper and presentation are located here.

(20160215) Congratulations to Amir Harati for his recent journal publication titled "A Doubly Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Hidden Markov Model with a Non-Ergodic Structure." The hardcopy version of the IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing containing his paper was released this month.

(20151112) We attended the NIH BD2K All-Hands Meeting to present several posters on our project titled "Automatic discovery and processing of EEG cohorts from clinical records". To learn more about this research, go here.

(20150729) The 2015 version of our infamous Summer of Code is rapidly coming to an end, which means it is time for a party. Enjoy some pictures from our going away party. To learn more about the research conducted this summer, go here.

(20150724) Congratulations to Devin Trejo and Fabricio Teles Dutra Goncalves for presenting posters at the College of Engineering Undergraduate Summer Research Workshop. Some pictures from this event can be found here.

(20150714) Meysam Golmohammadi, Iyad Obeid and Lou Bucelli completed the first phase of I-Corps training in Chicago.

(20150528) Congratulations to Dr. Steven Tobochnik, who graduated from the Temple University School of Medicine in May, and is on his way to a residency at Columbia University New York Presbyterian Hospital. Steven was instrumental in creating our AutoEEG technology by teaching us how to read EEGs and hand-labeling enough data to build good models. We hope to continue collaborating with him once he settles into his new home in NYC. We will miss him. He was an excellent teacher and collaborator.

(20150508) Congratulations to Silvia Lopez who graduated with her BS in Electrical Engineering. Silvia will start her MS degree in Fall 2015 and continue to play a prominent role in our EEG projects.

(20150424) We participated in the kickoff meeting for Temple Ventures by demonstrating our AutoEEG technology. Learn more about our project here.

(20150402) Join us in congratulating a colleague, Kazuhiro Kondo, on his promotion to full professor at Yamagata University in Japan. We first met Kondo-sensei in the early 1991 at Texas Instruments in Japan. We have been friends ever since. He has been highly productive was a professor and is author of the book Subjective Quality Measurement of Speech: Its Evaluation, Estimation and Applications (Signals and Communication Technology).

(20150226) Several students presented posters at the 2015 Temple University College of Engineering Research Poster Competition during Engineer's Week. See Temple CoE Posters to view the work that was presented..

(20141213) We hosted the 2014 IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology Symposium. The conference web site is located here.

(20140815) Our long-time colleague, Dr. Georgios Lazarou, returned to academia this fall when he joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. He was previously living in New York City where he was instrumental in reengineering the communications systems for the New York City Transit system. We wish him well in his new endeavor and look forward to our continued collaborations.

(20140802) Silvia Lopez presents a poster titled "Automatic Interpretation of EEGs Using Big Data" at the 2014 Temple College of Engineering Research Experience for Undergraduate Students Conference.

(20140326) Amir Harati presented the most complete version of his dissertation work to date at the 48th Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems. Learn more about his groundbreaking work on nonparametric Bayesian models here.

(20140102) In 2013, the speech research community lost one of its beloved members, David Pallett. For many years, Dave guided the Speech Group at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), and transformed speech research from an unprincipled discipline to a science. Human language technology conferences just aren't the same without Dave's commanding presence showing an updated common evaluations slide.

(20131207) Joe Picone presented a poster on the TUH EEG Corpus at the IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology Symposium (SPMB13). Temple University will host this conference in 2014. Learn more about our EEG work here.

(20131206) John Steinberg presented his MS thesis work at the International Conference on Systems, Computing Sciences and Software Engineering (SCSS 13). You can read his paper here.

(20131204) Our first paper on the TUH EEG database was presented at the first IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing (GlobalSIP 2013). We also organized a symposium titled "Advancing Neural Engineering Through Big Data." More information about the symposium and our paper can be found here.

(20130831) Amir Harati's paper on his dissertation work was presented at INTERSPEECH 2013. Enjoy some memories from our trip to Lyon, France. His paper was well-received and people are looking forward to his recognition results on conversational speech.

(20130812) Shuang Lu presented a conference paper on her dissertation work on fingerspelling at IPCV'13 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Despite being known as Sin City, The City That Never Sleeps, and the Gambling Capital of the World, Shuang only was willing to share this picture showing her hard at work. I guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas :)

(20130527) Enjoy some pictures from John Steinberg's going-away party. It was held at the Dock Street Brewing Company in West Philadelphia. Good luck to John as he heads to the SCALE summer workshop.

(20130516) John Steinberg graduated with his MS. His thesis work can be found here. Ilyana Mushaeva graduated with here MS also. Sung Cho and Vira Oleksyuk graduated with their BS degrees. Enjoy some moments from Temple's 126th graduate ceremony here. All have played an instrumental role in getting ISIP established at Temple and contributed significantly to the department in various administrative capacities.

(20130418) Amir Harati passed his PhD proposal defense today. He is the first ISIP student at Temple University to pass this milestone. View his presentation here. Congratulations to Amir!

(20120222) View the papers we presented at Temple's College of Engineering Research Day here.

(20130216) View our CogSIMA conference poster on keyword search here. There is also a demo of the system available at Keyword Search Demo. This presentation is the first detailed look at predicting the quality of a search term and what factors contribute to poor keyword search performance.

(20130101) View our ICASSP 2013 submission here. This is the basis of Amir Harati's dissertation work on nonparametric Bayesian models for speech recognition.

(20121220) View our paper on keyword search term reliability to be presented at the 2013 IEEE International Multi-Disciplinary Conference on Cognitive Methods in Situation Awareness and Decision Support.

(20121215) This figure represents a nice overview of ASR learning paradigms. It appeared in a paper by Jim Glass and his colleagues at MIT. See unsupervised learning for more details.

(20120301) Enjoy our demonstration of keyword search term strength.

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