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  • Awarded:
    • Picone, J., & Wheatley, B. (1994). Voice Log-In Using Spoken Name Input. USA. (Download).
    • Wheatley, B., & Picone, J. (1993). Voice Recognition of Proper Names Using Text-Derived Recognition Models. USA. (Download).
    • Hemphill, C., & Picone, J. (1991). A Chart Parser for Stochastic Unification Grammars. USA. (Download).
    • Hartwell, W., & Picone, J. (1990). Automatic Speech Recognition Using Echo Cancellation. USA. (Download).
    • Hartwell, W., Picone, J., & Prezas, D. (1990). A Digital Speech Coder With Different Excitation Types. USA. (Download).
    • Picone, J., & Doddington, G. (1989). A Very Low Rate Speech Encoder and Decoder. USA. (Download).
    • Picone, J., & Prezas, D. (1989). A Parrallel Processing Pitch Detector. USA. (Download).
  • Submitted:
    • Chae, S., & Picone, J. (2015). Wearable Watch Detection and Alarm System for Driver’s Drowsiness by (Heart Rate Variability) HRV. USA. (Download).
    • Golmohammadi, M., Obeid, I., & Picone, J. (2015). Retrieval of Patient EEG Records Based on EEG Signal Events. USA. (Download).
    • Harati Nejad Torbati, A. H., Obeid, I., & Picone, J. (2015). Enhanced Features for EEG Analysis. USA. (Download).
    • Harati Nejad Torbati, A. H., Obeid, I., & Picone, J. (2015). Information Theoretic Methods for Signal Interpretation in EEG Analysis. USA. (Download).
    • Harati Nejad Torbati, A. H., Obeid, I., & Picone, J. (2015). False Alarm Reduction in EEG Epoch Classification Using Deep Learning and Spatio/Temporal Context. USA. (Download).
    • Obeid, I., Picone, J., Harati Nejad Torbati, A. H., Tobochnik, S., & Jacobson, M.J. (2014). Automatic Interpretation of EEGs using Semi-Supervised Deep Learning. USA. (Download).
    • Lewis, R., Picone, J., Rowland, Z., Jenkins, W., & Lazarou, G. (2006). Vehicle position and performance tracking system using wireless communication. USA. (Download).
    • Picone, J., Staples, T., Kondo, K., & Arai, N. (1993). Processing System of Japanese Language. Japan. (Download).
  • Under Development:
    • None

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