NSF MRI: High Performance Digital Pathology Using Big Data and Machine Learning

What's New?

  • (20180523) A sample of our digital pathology database, v0.0.0 is now available. This sample contains 6 patients and 3 tumor types (breast, gastrointestinal, urology).

  • (20180521) The app server that hosts Leica/Aperio's eSlide Manager software has been successfully installed.

  • (20180515) We passed a major milestone by completing scanning of over 3,000 pathology slides. These digital slides will be crucial in training our deep-learning system, as well as creating our database. Learn more here.

  • (20180208) Our digital scanner is now operational. This scanner will help create an open-source database of pathology slides. Learn more about our MRI project here.

  • (20180123) Our Leica Aperio AT2 has arrived at our facility. This is our digital scanner that we will be using to scan pathology slides. To learn more about our scanner, click here.