name: CoefficientLabel : public AlgorithmBase


g++ [flags ...] file ... -l /isip/tools/lib/$ISIP_BINARY/lib_algo.a

#include <CoefficientLabel.h>

CoefficientLabel(const CoefficientLabel& arg);
boolean eq(const CoefficientLabel& arg);
boolean setAlgorithm(ALGORITHM algorithm);
quick start:

CoefficientLabel lab;
String vname(L"MY_DATA");

The CoefficientLabel class is not typically used by algorithm programmers. It is used in isip_transform for two purposes: (1) to add a label to a feature stream in a recipe, and (2) to allow coefficient types to be directly changed by manually setting their type. The latter is mainly useful when you want to reference a feature vector in an output file using a standard type name. This class is most often invokved by inserting the CoefficientLabel component in isip_transform into a graph. The available output types are defined in the
Algorithm class.

There are two important methods in this class. The setVariable method is used to assign a name, or label, to a feature stream. The setType label is used to assign a type to a feature stream. For example, suppose you invent a new way to compute the frequency response of a signal, and decide to call this feature "FOO" and give it a type of "SPECTRUM". This class is provided so that you have this option by simply invoking the previously mentioned functions.

Though there are currently no alternatives for algorithms and implementations in this class, we support the standard interface for the classes in the algorithm library. Hence, we supply the table below for reference purposes:

See the Algorithm class for a more complete list of the possible output types.


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