name: Statistics : public AlgorithmBase


g++ [flags ...] file ...-l /isip/tools/lib/$ISIP_BINARY/lib_algo.a

#include <Statistics.h>

Statistics(ALGORITHM algorithm = DEF_ALGORITHM);
Statistics(const Statistics& arg);
boolean compute(VectorFloat& output, const VectorFloat& input,
                AlgorithmData::COEF_TYPE input_coef_type = DEF_COEF_TYPE);
boolean compute(Vector <VectorFloat>& output,
		const Vector <VectorFloat>& input,
		AlgorithmData::COEF_TYPE input_coef_type = DEF_COEF_TYPE);
quick start:

Statistics stat0;
Statistics stat1(stat0);
VectorFloat input(L"0, 1, 2, 3, 4");
VectorFloat output;
stat1.compute(output, input);

The Statistics class calculates various statistical parameters of the input data such as the maximum, mean, and variance. Two types of implementations have been supported - FRAME_INTERNAL and ACCUMULATE. FRAME_INTERNAL computes the requested feature over one frame of data. This is useful for computing the average value of a signal on a frame-by-frame basis. ACCUMULATE computes the requested feature across all frames, and can be used to output a value for the entire file. This is useful when computing the mean value of a signal for the entire file.

A summary of the options available for this class is given below:

Note that the form of the output (scalar or vector) depends on the computational mode (CMODE). The mathematical descriptions of the operations represented in this table are shown below:

Skew and Kurtosis are not currently supported.


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