name: AnnotationIndex


g++ [flags ...] file ... -l /isip/tools/lib/$ISIP_BINARY/lib_mmedia.a

#include <AnnotationIndex.h>

static boolean diagnose(Integral::DEBUG debug_level);
boolean add(Annotation* a);
boolean deleteAnnotation(Annotation* anno);
boolean existsAnnotation(const String& id);
boolean existsAnchor(const String& id);
float getNearestOffset(float offset);
boolean getByOffset(float offset, DoubleLinkedList<Annotation>& list);
Annotation* getAnnotationByOffset(float offset);
boolean addFeature(Annotation* anno, const String& feature, const String& value);
boolean deleteFeature(Annotation* anno, const String& feature);
boolean existsFeature(const String& feature, const String& value);
quick start:

String anno_name_00(L"Annotation1");
String unit_00(L"seconds");

String ancr_name_00(L"Anchor1");
String ancr_name_01(L"Anchor2");

float offset_00 = 2.409875;
float offset_01 = 2.649875;

Anchor ancr_00(ancr_name_00, offset_00, unit_00);
Anchor ancr_01(ancr_name_01, offset_01, unit_00);

String type_00(L"oh i see uh-huh");
String feat_00(L"feature1");
String value_00(L"value1");

Annotation anno_00(anno_name_00, &ancr_00, &ancr_01, type_00);
anno_00.setFeature(feat_00, value_00);

AnnotationIndex andx_00;



This class is used for quick access to annotations and anchors in the annotation library.


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