name: Chebyshev


g++ [flags ...] file ... -l /isip/tools/lib/$ISIP_BINARY/lib_numeric.a

#include <Chebyshev.h>

boolean compute(float& output, float input, long order, long nterms);
quick start:

float output;
Chebyshev::compute(output, 1.0);
Chebyshev::compute(output, 1.0, 2);

The Chebyshev class implements a family of Chebyshev functions. For more details about this implementation, see: An lth order Chebyshev function is defined by: power series: This is implemented in terms of hyperbolic functions defined in the system library class Integral.


public constants:

  • define default values and arguments: DEF_ORDER represents the default Chebyshev function order to be used by the compute method.
    static const long DEF_ORDER = 1;
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