name: LanguageModelIHD


g++ [flags ...] file ... -l /isip/tools/lib/$ISIP_BINARY/lib_mmedia.a

#include <LanguageModelIHD.h>

boolean read(Sof& sof, long tag, const String& cname = CLASS_NAME);
HierarchicalDigraph& getHDigraph();
quick start:

Sof sof;"lm_ihd_obj.sof", File::READ_ONLY);

LanguageModelIHD lmihd;, 0);

HierarchicalDigraph hg;

The LanguageModelIHD class is a container class for the ISIP Hierarchical Digraph. Unlike the other LanguageModel classes, LanguageModelIHD does not perform network conversion to IHD (as it is unnecessary). The this class is to place IHD at an equal level of abstraction as XML and JSGF and provide an easy interface to all model formats through LanguageModelBase.


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