name: SymbolGraphNode


g++ [flags ...] file ... -l /isip/tools/lib/$ISIP_BINARY/lib_search.a

#include <SymbolGraphNode.h>

float getScore() const;
boolean setScore(const float arg);
long getFrameIndex() const;
boolean setFrameIndex(const long arg);
long getNodeIndex() const;
boolean setNodeIndex(const long arg);
boolean getSymbol(String& arg);
boolean setSymbol(const String& arg);
long getIncoming() const;
long getOutgoing() const;
long getRefCount();
boolean incrementRefCount();
boolean decrementRefCount();
SymbolGraph* getParentGraph() const;
boolean setParentGraph(SymbolGraph* ptr);
SingleLinkedList<SymbolGraphNode>& getPrevNodesList();
SingleLinkedList<SymbolGraphNode>& getNextNodesList();
SingleLinkedList<Float>& getPrevScoresList();
SingleLinkedList<Float>& getPrevLMScoresList();
SingleLinkedList<Float>& getLMScoresList();
SingleLinkedList<Float>& getScoresList();
boolean getScores(SymbolGraphNode* node, float& lm_score, float& ac_score);
boolean insertPrevNode(SymbolGraphNode*& node, float score, long max_hist, float lm_score);
boolean insertNextNode(SymbolGraphNode*& node, float lm_score, float ac_score);
boolean insertNode(SymbolGraphNode* node_a, SymbolGraphNode** lnode_a, long*& map_list_a);
boolean insertNode(SymbolGraphNode* node_a, float lm_score_a, float ac_score_a, SymbolGraphNode** lnode_a, long*& map_list_a);
quick start:

Trace trace;
SymbolGraphNode* symbol_node;

symbol_node = trace.getSymbolNode();


This class represents the node data structure that is used in the combination with the SymbolGraph class to represent a word-graph, which is used for the word-graph generation and rescoring modes in the recognizer.


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