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  • (11/01/01) Production System (v0.0): A research environment that includes a generalized hierarchical Viterbi search-based decoder. Recommended for serious speech and signal processing researchers.

  • (09/14/01) Prototype System (v5.11): A cross-word context-dependent LVCSR system. Recommended for speech technologists and application developers.

  • (07/27/01) Prototype System v5.10: In this release, we have added the capability to read HTK binary features. We have also added the capability to compute the delta and acceleration coefficients on the fly at run-time.

  • (07/20/01) Prototype System v5.9: In this release, we have added support for the DARPA Communicator hub/server architecture. More details on this can be found at the web site for our robust recognition project. An more sophisticated version of this interface will be released shortly.

  • (07/04/01) Prototype System v5.8.1: The principal features of this release are that we now support probabilistic networks in a way that is backward compatible with releases prior to v5.8. We also fixed an interesting bug in our state-tying process that untied the tied state in the silence and sp models. We also fixed bugs including some memory bugs (finally, our new version of Purify arrived!) in the state-tying process. These bug fixes will not impact overall decoding performance, however. Finally, for those having trouble with compilation on Linux under gcc 2.96.X or later, this version should compile and run properly.

  • (06/12/01) IFC isip_r00_n08 (gandalf) : This is the long-awaited release of the Algorithm classes, a GUI tool to configure front ends without the need to write code, and an enhanced version of the production decoder. In short, it is now possible to run signal processing and decoding experiments with this software. This release does not include training, but the prototype system can be used for that. An off-line version of the software documentation is available as well.

  • (03/05/01) Prototype System v5.8: In this release we have incorporated support for probabilistic grammars in the grammar_compiler utility. We have also vastly improved the speed and memory performance of our N-gram language model decoding modes. Relatively minor efficiency improvements have been made to all decoding modes, and many minor bug fixes have been introduced.

  • (01/16/01) IFC isip_r00_n07 (frodo) : This release adds the statistic library (stat) to the n06 release. This library is used to implement the state-level observation distribution model in our acoustic model. This release also includes a preview release of the production decoder. A canned demo, including audio and parameter files (TIDIGITS) is available. Finally, we have made available a version of the documentation that can be viewed off-line.

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