What's New?

(20180513) IEEE SPMB 2018 is quickly approaching. Make sure to submit your papers before the August 1st deadline!

(20180509) The end of the semester is finally here! The ISIP group had our end of the semester party to celebrate the end of the academic year. Time to have a productive summer!

(20180504) Congratulations to our research team for the acceptance of their abstract submissions for the 2018 ISMB conference!

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NIH Cohort Retrieval

Electronic medical records (EMRs) collected at every hospital in the country collectively contain a staggering wealth of biomedical knowledge. This information is essential for conducting comparative effectiveness research. Uncovering clinical knowledge that enables comparative research is the primary goal of this project.

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TUH EEG Corpus

Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp using an array of electrodes positioned strategically around a patient's head. The TUH EEG Corpus represents NEDC's first effort to provide a massive corpus available to the community.

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