name: Node<class TObject>


g++ [flags ...] file ...

#include <Node.h>

boolean assign(const Node<TObject>& copy_node);
TObject* getItem() const;
boolean clear();
quick start:

// declare a character node and insert a character in it
Node<Char> node0;
Char item(L'a');

// use the copy constructor to create a second node
Node<Char> node1(node0);

// get the items out of each of the nodes
Char* char1 = node0.getItem();
Char* char2 = node1.getItem();

// test the characters for equality
if (!char1->eq(*char2)) {
   // error

The Node class is a generic node template class. This is simply a container class for use by other classes. Most likely, data structures such as linked-lists, queues, graphs, etc. will create their own node type which inherits this Node object. A Node is always in USER-allocation mode. This means that it only holds references to other data.


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