name: Wrapper<class TObject>


g++ [flags ...] file ...

#include <Wrapper.h>

boolean assign(const Wrapper<TObject>& arg);
boolean assign(const TObject& arg);

quick start:

// declare a character wrapper and insert a character in it
Wrapper<Char> wrapper0;
Char item(L'a');

// use the copy constructor to create a second wrapper
Wrapper<Char> wrapper1(wrapper0);

// get the items out of each of the wrappers
Char* char1 = wrapper0.getItem();
Char* char2 = wrapper1.getItem();

// test the characters for equality
if (!char1->eq(*char2)) {
   // error

The Wrapper class can be used to provide a minimal implementation of the IFC required public methods for some existing class that does not conform to the IFC standards. Through this class, any object can be placed in an IFC data structure. Its main use is to allow technology to be imported into the IFC environment, such as classes from the Standard Template Library (STL), and augmented with the IFC required methods. The benefit of this is that useful IFC mechanisms, such as I/O, are now available to users. Similarly, other template classes can be used on this augmented class.


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