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Our goal is to enable deep learning research in neuroscience by releasing the largest publicly available unencumbered database of EEG recordings. This ongoing project currently includes over 30,000 EEGs spanning the years from 2002 to present.

EEG Sensors

To request access to these resources, please fill out this form. You will receive an automatically-generated username and password via email. Please be patient since it takes a few minutes to receive the email.

Since these databases are quite large, it is best to transfer them via hard disk. If you are interested in this option, please follow the instructions here.
  What's New:
  • (20180501) V1.2.0 of NEDC Eval EEG has been released. This scoring software results using 5 different scoring methods: NIST, DP Align, Epoch Based, Any-Overlap, and TAES.

  • (20180417) The TUH EEG Corpus (v1.1.0) This is the official version of the TUH EEG Corpus. This release organizes each session by the montage definition it fits.

  • (20180416) The TUH EEG Seizure Corpus (v1.2.1) This release includes small annotation fixes and an addition to the _SEIZURES spreadsheet of calibration start and end times.

Overview: Review the status of the EEG project and learn more about the history of this project.

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